Lead Structural Engineer

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Lead Structural Engineer

C-Job Naval Architects Heerenveen

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What is required?

  • HBO/WO or equivalent experience in marine technology
  • A minimum of five years of experience in marine engineering
  • Basic understanding or experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and familiarity with Ansys is a plus
  • Strong stakeholder management regarding the team, project manager and client
  • Optimistic, energetic, and social personality
  • Pragmatic, structured, and accurate way of working and ability to work with deadlines
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently as well as in a team
  • Able to direct calculations
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written, and verbal. Dutch language skills are a bonus
  • Prepared to train / coach junior / medior peers
  • Living in the Netherlands

What will you get?

  • 40 hours working week
  • 25 days of leave per year plus 13 days ADV based on full time employment
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Hybrid working options
  • Company laptop
  • Discount on company fitness
  • Pension allowance in accordance with the Dutch law
  • International working environment with colleagues across five countries
  • Frequently company organized trips, drinks, and festivities

What will you do?

  • 30% Engineering and finding technical solutions
  • 30% Managing the team
  • 10% Creating and maintaining the project planning
  • 10% Performing quality controls and internal checks
  • 10% Supporting the project manager
  • 10% Communication with clients and stakeholders

This vacancy has been created based on interviews with employees to help you get a realistic preview of the job.

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Monique Reulink

HR Business Partner


As a Lead Structural Engineer at C-Job Naval Architects, your key responsibility is to ensure the successful execution and delivery of high-quality structural designs for a diverse array of vessels and floating structures. This role demands your technical expertise in creating the initial project plan, encompassing applicable standards, scope list, planning, risk analysis, and budget.

Your role will further demand effective leadership in managing the engineering team and tasks, ensuring that the projects are executed on schedule, within the budget, and to the highest standards. These projects may range from designing individual components of vessels to planning and executing comprehensive designs for entire structures. You will also handle the accurate registration and administration of hours spent within your discipline, monitor and report on project progress, and implement quality control measures.

In addition to these responsibilities, you are accountable for providing suitable technical solutions for the client's projects, managing their expectations on a technical level. Furthermore, you are responsible for overseeing communication within the team as well as with the client concerning supplier information and client requirements. Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders is integral to this role, alongside fostering close cooperation with the project manager, supporting them during change management and project control.

Joining the structural department, you'll lead a multifaceted team whose size and structure adapt to project needs. Your joint efforts span various projects across offshore, yacht construction and dredging sectors. This role offers a opportunity to work on multiple projects concurrently, each unique in its scope and scale. The global reach of C-Job also means you get to collaborate with colleagues from different offices worldwide.

If you enjoy embracing diversity in projects and tasks, from calculations to planning, and find it challenging yet rewarding to maintain composure under time pressure while finding the best solutions, then this is the job for you.

Working week

Lead Structural Engineer

On an enjoyable day, you start with a new project or tackle a technical challenge. In both cases the technical knowledge and team work is key to find the best approach.

On a less enjoyable day, you have to solve a technical problem under time pressure. It is important to remain calm and to ensure that a solution is found in time together with the team.

  • 08:00
  • 09:00
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:00
  • 17:00
  • 18:00
    • Reading and replying to mails
    • Performing engineering tasks, including calculations and assessments
    • Lunch
    • Calling with client
    • Reviewing and monitoring project progress
    • Solving a technical issue
    • Reading and replying to mails
    • Working on a project planning
    • Working on a risk analysis of a project
    • Project meeting
    • Performing engineering tasks, including calculations and assessments
    • Contact with stakeholder
    • Processing administration
    • Preparing a client meeting
    • Meeting with client
    • Following up action points
    • Lunch
    • Performing a quality control and internal check
    • Performing engineering tasks, including calculations and assessments
    • Reading and replying to mails
    • Reading and replying to mails
    • Meeting with project manager
    • Performing engineering tasks, including calculations and assessments
    • Lunch
    • Evaluating a finished project
    • Calling with client
    • Processing administration

Firsthand experience

A client calls you asking for assistance to find a solution to an error that occurred during production. What do you do?

When a client calls for assistance regarding a production error, your first step is to gather all relevant information to understand the situation fully. You promptly arrange a meeting with your team to brainstorm about technical solutions, ensuring you involve all relevant stakeholders. It's crucial to maintain close cooperation and good communication with the client throughout this process, working diligently to deliver a suitable solution within the given time frame, while always considering the current status of the vessel.


A lead structural engineer is advancing to a role as an expert or project manager. Both 'horizontal' in-depth development as well as 'vertical' development are possible in this progression.

Lead Structural Engineer
Expert Engineer or Project Manager

Working at C-Job Naval Architects

C-Job Naval Architects is an independent ship design and engineering company that operates worldwide, boasting a global team of dedicated engineers, R&D consultants, supervisors, and project managers.

At C-Job, they co-create designs with their clients, incorporating their knowledge, skills, innovation, and ingenuity into each design. They have a strong track record of projects in various industries, with a focus on dredging, offshore, passenger vessels, yachts, and commercial vessels for both national and international clients.

Their dedicated Research and Development team consistently seeks new ways to improve and innovate their designs and creation processes, focusing on alternative energy sources, autonomous shipping, and data science.

  • Dutch headquarters in Hoofddorp
  • Active in 6 countries
  • 90 employees in The Netherlands
  • 200 employees worldwide
  • 22% / 78%
  • Average age 36 years
  • Business casual
  • Hybrid working is part of the C-Job way of working


Joep van Liere - Lead Naval Architect

Why did you decide to work for this company?
I was looking for a company with a green ambition where I can design and engineer complicated commercial vessels together with a group of highly motivated people.

What did you study?
Marine Engineering (Hogeschool Haarlem).

What do you do in your spare time?
Sailing, recreational ice hockey.

Jan Sietse de Boer - Junior Naval Architect

Why did you decide to work for this company?
It seemed a nice and open company that does a lot of challenging jobs. The Heerenveen office had a nice team of about 25 employees working closely together and it seemed nice to me to be part of that team. Also a short travel distance did I take into account in my decision.

What was your previous job?
HBO bachelor Marine Engineering.

What do you do in your spare time?
Playing football, sailing with my boat, sharing drinks with my friends and a lot more.

Monique Reulink - HR Business Partner

Why did you decide to work for this company?
A dynamic organization in the process of growth whilst at the same time focusing on the internal organization provided me sufficient interesting challenges to step on board.

What was your previous job?
I fulfilled various HR roles in different types of organizations.

What do you do in your spare time?
Enjoy my family, friends, reading, sports.

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